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Our new enrollment funds transfer (EFT) enrollment hub, EnrollSafe, makes it easier to sign up for and use EFT — at no cost to you. When you use EnrollSafe, you’ll receive your payments up to seven days sooner than by paper check. What’s more, when combined with electronic remittance advice (ERA), it’s easier to reconcile your direct deposits.

With EnrollSafe, you can:

  • Set up and manage EFT online
  • Easily enroll for faster EFT payments
  • Submit EFT enrollment date securely
  • Get real-time account verification and enhanced fraud controls
  • Receive dedicated 24/7 support resources for enrollment, verification and compliance

We encourage you to set up ERA to save time and increase productivity. With ERA, electronic claim payment information (Explanation of Benefits paid) can be exchanged between your office and ours more easily than with paper remittance. The transaction number from the EFT payment transaction (using your bank account) matches the ERA, working in concert to match up all records and increase efficiency.

Get Started with EnrollSafe Today

If you’re already enrolled for EFT payments, no action is needed unless you’re making changes. If you have changes to make (such as updates to bank account information), you will need to use the new EnrollSafe hub.

EnrollSafe is secure and available 24 hours a day

To update your existing EFT account or create a new, first-time enrollment account, log on to the EnrollSafe enrollment hub at Once you have completed registration, you’ll be directed through the EnrollSafe secure portal to the enrollment page, where you’ll provide the required information to receive direct payment (EFT) deposits.

You have two options for setting up your EFT account:

  • Level 1 is for a basic office structure, including one taxpayer identification number (TIN) and one bank account.
  • Level 2 is for a more comprehensive office structure that includes reporting under one TIN with numerous bank accounts, office location(s), and multiple billing National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) with each tied to a specific bank account. EFT payments can be set up under one registration, to be deposited into multiple bank accounts if they’re under the same common TIN. Separate registrations are required for each unique TIN.

Please make sure your office submits claims according to how you are set up in EFT enrollment. Including your TIN and billing NPI on your submission ensures claims payments are made via EFT and deposited in the assigned bank account that you specify during EFT enrollment.

For EFT questions about how to register, update, or cancel, call the EnrollSafe help desk at 1-877-882-0384.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is used by health plans to permit a financial institution to transfer funds electronically to a provider’s bank account to pay for health care services. An EFT includes bank accounts of the payer and payee, routing numbers, name and identification of the payer and payee, amount being paid, and date of payment.*

Electronic remittance advice (ERA) is information from a health plan to a provider explaining a claim payment.* The ERA describes how a health plan modified claim charges considering information such as benefit coverage, copays and co-insurance, contract agreements, and secondary payers. If your office uses EFT, it’s also encouraged to enroll with ERA, but it’s not required. Using digital ERA will support reconciling your internal records and accounts receivable and makes it easier for your office’s application of claim payments to patient accounts.

You must be registered with EnrollSafe to submit updates. Set up your account using your TIN, NPI, office address(es), etc. Use the registration number you receive any time you need to make a change in EnrollSafe.

Our new system’s security features help prevent fraudulent transactions. We verify that bank accounts, TIN, and NPI are all accurate before any payments are processed. This validates the payments are being deposited to the correct accounts and saves you time and the hassle.

If you accidentally submit the claim information incorrectly, you could receive a paper check instead of direct deposit (EFT) to your bank account, or if you have a Level 2 setup, payment could be deposited in another one of the bank accounts you assigned for another location or dentist. It’s essential that you use a TIN and billing NPI on your claims submission when you have a Level 2 type business structure.

If you submit a claim without the correct TIN, it will delay payment.

Examples of Level 1—Simple

  1. Dr. Smith is the owner of Smiles Dental. He has one TIN, one location, one bank account and is the only dentist practicing at the location.
  2. Dr. Sharp is the owner of Teeth R Us. She has one TIN, two locations, one bank account and has three other general dentists working under one TIN at both of her locations.

Examples of Level 2—Comprehensive

  1. Dr. Wadhera is the owner at Shine Dental. She is a general dentist and has one TIN, one location, two bank accounts and has two Endodontists practicing under her TIN. She wants to have the services that are rendered under the specialists going into one bank account and her services going into another bank account. When enrolling for EFT, it is critical that the TIN and billing NPI is set up to the appropriate bank account so when you submit claims it is in the manner of how you enrolled. For example, TIN 123 and billing NPI 456 goes to bank account A, TIN 123 and billing NPI 888 goes to bank account B. When submitting claims, make sure the TIN and billing NPI are appropriately entered on the claims so funds can be directed into your assigned bank account.
    • Both specialists will have their claims submitted with TIN 123 and billing NPI 888 – bank account B.
    • Dr. Wadhera will have her claims submitted with TIN 123 and billing NPI 456 – bank account A.
  2. Dr. Jones is the owner of Bright Teeth. He is a general dentist and has one TIN, five locations, five bank accounts and has several general dentists and specialists working at each of his locations. Dr. Jones wants each office to have its own bank account for the services that are rendered at the specific location. Each location will use the same TIN and will need a distinct billing NPI for each location that is assigned to a specific bank account during EFT Enrollment. One unique TIN 555 will have five different billing NPIs and five bank accounts. Each office must be trained to submit claims with these identifiers.
    • TIN 555 – Related billing NPI 123 = Location 1 – Bank Account A
    • TIN 555 – Related billing NPI 456 = Location 2 – Bank Account B
    • TIN 555 – Related billing NPI 789 = Location 3 – Bank Account C
    • TIN 555 – Related billing NPI 101 = Location 4 – Bank Account D
    • TIN 555 – Related billing NPI 202 = Location 5 – Bank Account E
  3. Dr. Hope owns Dr. Hope’s Oral Surgery. She is an oral surgeon, she has one TIN, three locations, two bank accounts and three other oral surgeons that work in her locations. Dr. Hope is setting up two of the locations using one bank account and the last location with a different bank account. When enrolling with EFT, ensure the TIN and billing NPI is assigned to the bank accounts where your office wants funds deposited based on how the claims are submitted by the specified location. EFT enrollment needs to be consistent with how your office(s) will be submitting claims.
    • TIN 111 – Related billing NPI 505 = Location 1 – Bank Account A
    • TIN 111 – Related billing NPI 505 = Location 2 – Bank Account A
    • TIN 111 – Related billing NPI 707 = Location 3 – Bank Account B


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