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National GRID Networks FAQs

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The National GRID/GRID+ networks expand your patient base. You will be “in network” for members who live in your state, but are members of participating Blue Plans based in other states. More individuals will likely turn to your dental office for dental care.

The GRID and GRID+ networks provide a competitive network solution in the marketplace that’s a strong alternative to the largest fee-for-service networks operating nationwide.

National Dental GRID/GRID+ will not change your reimbursement or participating provider agreement in any way – you will continue to be reimbursed based on your current participating provider agreement.

Horizon PPO Network dentists are part of the GRID Network. Horizon Traditional Network dentists are part of the GRID+ Network.

Your patient’s ID card will show GRID or GRID+, along with a Customer Service number which you can call for eligibility or benefit questions. Some participating Blue Plans may not immediately update their ID cards to add the word GRID or GRID+, so please be sure to check eligibility and benefits if you have any questions about a patient’s benefits.

For services provided to GRID members, you are reimbursed based on the Horizon PPO Network reimbursement rate. For GRID+ members, you are reimbursed at the Horizon Traditional Network reimbursement rate.

Send claims to the address on the back of the member’s ID card. Claims are paid by the Blue Plan where the member’s group is located.

The National GRID launched in 2013 and has been steadily growing in popularity with employer groups.