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For Dentists


Dental medical claims require ICD-10 codes

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Your role as an active practitioner in your patients’ dental care is vital to their overall health. In an effort to better care for your patients, our members, we require that you provide ICD-10 codes when submitting claims to us. ICD-10 codes capture more detailed health care data to help improve patient care and outcomes.

You should review your patients’ overall health with them at every visit and document the appropriate ICD-10 codes for any health conditions and medications that are important to the care you provide.

How to submit ICD 10 codes with claims

The American Dental Association (ADA) has included a section on the 2012/2019 revised claim form for ICD-10 codes.

Please submit appropriate ICD-10 codes in section 34a of the 2012/2019 ADA claim form as a routine part of submitting your claim to us. Use any and all ICD-10 codes within the following categories:

  • Alcohol use complications: 099.33
  • Cardiovascular disease; screening for disease or disorder: Z13.9
  • Chronic kidney disease: N18.9
  • Diabetes: E08-E13
  • Drug use complicating pregnancy: F11-F16
  • Maternity/pregnancy
  • Pregnancy diabetes: 024.9
  • Vomiting: 021.8

Have questions? We’re here to help

We’re here to assist you with the transition to including ICD-10 codes with patient claims. If you have any dental claims questions, please email