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For Dentists


HDC Dentists Must Submit Monthly Encounters

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Dentists who participate in the Horizon Dental Choice (HDC) plan must submit monthly encounters for services provided to HDC patients. Dentists receive $2 per encounter, paid on a quarterly basis.

To report encounters, use the Dental-Patient Encounter form or a generic claim form from the American Dental Association (ADA). Clearly indicate “ENCOUNTER” on the ADA form.

Please mail forms to: Horizon BCBSNJ Dental Programs
PO Box 1311
Minneapolis, MN 55440-1311

Electronic Submission
You may also submit encounters electronically through a clearinghouse or vendor.

  • Discuss requirements with your clearinghouse or vendor before submission. We require $0 to be listed as the amount, and some systems do not allow $0 as the amount.
  • If an amount other than $0 is listed, our system will process the form as a claim and not as an Encounter.

Please contact your network representative or call 1-800-4DENTAL (433-6825).