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Horizon Dental Plans for Groups 51+

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Horizon Dental Plans for Groups 51+

When you add an affordable Horizon Dental plan to your current employee benefits, you may qualify for package price savings.

Choose from a range of high-quality programs, from traditional coverage with access to the largest New Jersey and nationwide dental networks, to more cost-efficient options. What’s more, Horizon Dental offers your employees some of the lowest negotiated fees for New Jersey dental services as compared with the competition, leaving more money in employees’ pockets at year’s end.

When you consider the package price savings, and the access to our extensive network, why would you get dental coverage anywhere else?

Call your Horizon BCBSNJ Sales Representative or broker for more information.

Horizon Healthy Smiles and Horizon Healthy Smiles Plus

These plans provide comprehensive dental coverage at an affordable price. Varying levels of options, including orthodontia, allow an employer to choose the plan that best meets their needs. Both plans offer access to our Horizon PPO Network. With Horizon Healthy Smiles Plus, members can also use the Horizon Traditional Network. There are no out-of-network benefits.

Strong Smile℠

Strong Smile encourages members to have regular dental checkups, which may reduce the need for costly and complicated dental procedures later on. Your employees can obtain certain dental preventive services without having the costs apply toward their annual maximum. This enhancement gives employees greater peace of mind, knowing that additional dental dollars would be available for more costly procedures throughout the plan year, if needed. Strong Smile is available as an option on select Horizon Dental plans.